What is Buggzart?   Buggzart is a world of ever-expanding inspiration– a design company founded by artist and musician Jennifer Lee.  Buggzart imagery is colorful and uplifting.  It is intended to inspire joy and a sense of connection with the universe as well as a sense of connection with one another and with ourselves.  It is intended to awaken within us a feeling of awe and wonder – to not only help us recognize the beauty and miraculous nature of all that surrounds us, but also to spark an awareness of the radiance within.  In simpler, more direct terms, Buggzart imagery is intended to make us smile.

For more on Jennifer Lee and the Buggzart team, visit buggzart.

For an introduction to little Buggz herself (Buggzart's emblem and inhabitant), visit meet-buggz

Do you ship to P. O. Box addresses?   We are able to ship to post office boxes within the contiguous United States, but we are unable to ship to post office boxes outside of the contiguous United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, the U.S. territories.

How soon will my purchase arrive?    For delivery to U.S. addresses, please allow 7 to 10 business days for items to arrive.  

How do you calculate shipping?   To simplify shipping and handling charges, we organize costs by the dollar amount of your order.  Note that these charges apply per individual address.

Do you ship to addresses outside the United States?   Currently we are unable to use our online system to set up orders to be mailed to addresses outside the United States.  But we are hard at work on getting that system in place.  Please stay tuned!  And thank you for your interest in buggzart: a world of ever expanding inspiration!